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Phone Sex with Adele

Adele is one of the youngest gal on our site. So much about her is young, innocent and naive. When she's not sucking and fucking on the phone, she helps earn her way while babysitting. There are many sides to this wild child. And she will likely show you each and every one. 


Phone Sex with Adrienne

When this single mom isn't busy with her kids, she's busy getting horny men off on the phone. She loves younger men, and men who enjoy fantasizing about being seduced by an older, more worldly, woman. In the mood for a little licking, sucking, stroking and fucking? 

Call Adrienne!


Phone Sex with Amber

100% virgin, Amber gets her kicks by meeting and playing with older men who can "show her the ropes." This tight virgin has never felt more than a set of fingers and a big fat dildo but, believe us, you will never know this young, sexy cheerleader has never gone "all the way."


Phone Sex with Anabelle

This hot body lady loves everything about men. She loves men's shirts, men's ties, men's smells. She loves the weight of a man's body on top of her and the taste of a man's cock. She loves the feeling of a man's cum on her skin. Anabelle is all about a man's needs...but she'll likely take care of a few of her own!


Phone Sex with Lesbian Becky

Becky is here for all our hot, sexy and wet ladies. She is totally 100% lesbian. She lives and breathes for the touch, feel and smell of a woman.  Her sensual voice will melt you as she guides you to orgasm. And she will drown you in her juice. If you're a lady in search of a lady, call Becky at any time.


Phone Sex with Bliss

Goddess Bliss is our youngest Mistress, but do not make the mistake of thinking age is anything but a number. She was born to live the lifestyle, and she does so quite attractively. Goddess Bliss is as soft and caring as she is demanding and cruel. Whatever your sex, you will truly be in Bliss.


Phone Sex with Cameron

This is one girl with an attitude! Cameron is one of our feistiest ladies. You never know what's in store when you spend time with her. One moment she is a curious youth and the next thing you know, she's slamming down so hard on your cock that it hurts. All Cameron needs is for you to be horny.


Phone Sex with BBW Carla

This BBW may be dressed in white, but not for long. She will strip down in front of you, crawl right on top of you and grind her 300-lb frame against you. You will smell her, taste her and feel her. Then, you will spread her thick thighs and feel yourself melt inside of her.


Phone Sex with Catherine

Pretty in pink? Maybe, but don't let Catherine's favorite color fool you. She is one kinky and demanding sexy woman! She will not be denied, and, eventually, neither will you. You will remove her pink lingerie, her pink shoes and lie back on her pink pillows. You will then be smothered by her thick, pink lips.


Phone Sex with Colleen

Colleen is our aspiring actress. Role play doesn't get much better than with Colleen. She has a personal fetish for her OWN legs. She says that every erogenous zone in her body refers back to those legs. A touch to her calf can send her into ecstasy. If you're turned on by legs, then you need to turn on Colleen.


Phone Sex with Dallas

This cutie loves anal, and she has the perfect ass for that purpose. Dallas most enjoys taking control of women, and having men taking control of her. To make Dallas happy, lay her head on your pillow, raise that fine ass into the air and pump your cock or dildo where the sun don't shine!


Phone Sex with Deja

Deja is one girl who LOVES phone sex. She responds best to the man with a smooth touch and quiet approach. She likes to be convinced of your need for her body, and spanked or paddled if your persuasion doesn't immediately work. You'll see that when you start to overtake her body, she turns into a whole other woman.


Phone Sex with Frances

Frances decided to no longer deny her need for role play and hot talk, and is now here for your pleasure! Frances is available in the dark of night, but you may be surprised to catch her occasionally during the day. Frances is dedicated to her family (notice her family's crest planted firmly on her ass).


Phone Sex with Gabby

Gabby's priority is her education, and she will do anything to secure that grade. If Gabby cannot make that "A" on her papers, she will make it on her knees, kneeling before her professor! She will not pass up an opportunity to suck and fuck an older in-charge man, or lick a ruthless female authoritarian.


Phone Sex with Gina

Gina is divorced and well-read on many levels. Her worldliness will inspire you with tales of seduction and domination. Her intricate fantasies will have you beating off long after your session with her is over, because Gina sees to it that she remains in your mind until the next time you two are together.


Phone Sex with Helen

Our VERY popular fetish teacher is Helen. Miss Helen just loves teaching her teen students. Her detention sessions will have you misbehaving just for the opportunity to experience the pleasure of her wrath. Miss Helen was voted favorite teacher by the high school student body.


Phone Sex with Irene

Our lady in red is Irene. She is in love with silk hose, fishnet thigh-highs, spike heels, beautiful lingerie, and the men who appreciate them! Irene's trademark is the color red, and you will never see her without at least a glimpse of it on her body...or yours.


Phone Sex with Iris

Goddess Iris is all things woman, and all things hard-core sex. This Goddess is sensual and demanding. If you're not sure what mood you are in, Goddess Iris is the woman for you, because your mood is not of great concern to her.


Phone Sex with Ivory

Ivory is our girl who represents all things submissive. Whatever YOU desire, whatever YOU demand, Ivory WILL fulfill. She is Your angel in white, and Your devil in black. She is Your mother, Your daughter, Your neighbor next door.


Phone Sex with Jillian

Big green eyes and big round tits for your gazing and fucking pleasures! Jillian loves men who are addicted to breasts. Her nipples swell as her skin heats up in anticipation of your hot cum on her naked chest. Jillian is all about tittie play.


Phone Sex with Josie

Josie, our pretty little Daddy's Girl, loves to be taken care of by her step-dad or uncle. She even has fond memories of her older brother teaching her how to behave. Josie loves older men who will spoil her just to have a peek at her panties or get a chance to draw a big-girl bubble bath just for her.


Phone Sex with Jule

Julie loves to play with men while her voyeuristic husband sits and quietly watches in a corner or from their one-way mirror. She has a husband who loves the sight of a stranger's rock-hard dick slamming in his wife's tight pussy.


Phone Sex with Mae

Mae is an outdoor lady. There is nothing off limits to Mae outside and in public -- especially horny men. If you want to make her explode, just whisper the possibility of public sex in her ear as you walk through a parking lot.


Phone Sex with Monica

Monica is a girl who enjoys men who enjoy paying special attention to her sweet, trimmed pussy. She has few requirements in making her happy. Her favorite position: 69. Her favorite food: cock. Her favorite sensation: hot balls slapping her from behind. Monica lives for raw, hot, sticky sex, loud sex.


Phone Sex with Nadia

Nadia is a model and flight attendant, recently laid off from her airline. Nadia is intelligent, worldly, witty and very, very sexy -- and presently available 24/7! There is nothing she wouldn't do to ensure your rendezvous is comfortable and that your cock remains in its proper "upright position."


Phone Sex with Naomi

Naomi has wild friends, wild parties and wild fantasies. She wants a hard-core man who will chase her down, tie her up, rape and degrade her. Naomi's young, sweet face is not for the faint of heart. She wants to spend time with a man who will be bolder and badder than the last.


Phone Sex with Olivia

Olivia is our sensual charmer. She represents yesterday's femininity and she is 100% a lady. Her taste will melt your lips as her honey flows down your chin. This is one very sexy and intelligent woman. Call Olivia for total fantasy play. She has zero taboos.


Phone Sex with Penny

This married mother and grandmother is more than you need to fulfill your "older woman" needs. Penny specializes in Mommy seduction, babysitter seduction, sexy neighbor and naughty teacher. If you lust to be seduced by an older, worldly woman, Penny is the one for you.


Phone Sex with Renee

Bath play...golden showers, brown showers, laxatives, bubble baths, shared showers...if it can occur in the favorite room of Renee's house, this lady is behind it -- or behind you, if you so desire. Renee loves sexy and messy bathroom play.


Phone Sex with Ruby

Mistress Ruby is your redhead, naughty Mistress boss! Mistress Ruby has some strict demands for you today...if you want to keep your job, you will lock Her office door IMMEDIATELY and do whatever She demands...or else.


Phone Sex with Sabina

Sabina is 5'10" and one heck of a gymnast. She can bend and turn and has sex in more positions that we can recite here. Sabina's #1 lust is feet. She wants a man who will bath and manicure her feet, and slowly lick and suck on every toe.


Phone Sex with Black Girl Sheena

Sheena is our beautiful and sensual African American dream weaver. She yearns for men who lust the differences that interracial relationships offer. Her mirrored ceiling will reflect the visual contrast of a white man riding her ebony body.


Phone Sex with Beautiful Black Girl Sierra

Sierra is a young wild child born in Hawaii, but now living on the mountainous mainland. She wants a man who will get off on her exotic look and slutty ways, and she loves to talk to men who don't like to come alone. If you want mutual pleasure, Sierra is your girl!


Phone Sex with Latina Sofia

Our Latina princess, Sofia, has large round tits, thick black hair, and four luscious lips to swallow every drop of your Latina-loving cock. She gets off with tittie fucks and will do it doggie style any day of the week. This is one hot woman to get off in.


Phone Sex with Mistress Sybil

Sybil is a confident Domme with attitude AND personality! Sybil is our most abusive Mistress, but She is so enjoyable to be with, you won't even notice the bruising about your body! She will have you laughing and crying within the same breath. As much as She gives you, you will never truly know Mistress Sybil.


Phone Sex with Sydney

This long-haired, long-legged bisexual babe is worth her weight in golden honey. Sydney is our resident teaser and pleaser! There's something about that long hair, and thinking of all the hot and kinky things you can do with it and in it, that keeps our men and women coming back for more.

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